News PORTRAIT. Philippe Etchebest, on M6: a multifaceted man

PORTRAIT. Philippe Etchebest, on M6: a multifaceted man


The starred chef and the best worker in France is as comfortable behind his stove as on television. M6 retrace his journey outsized in Philippe Etchebest , the fate of an extraordinary chef.

In less than ten years, Philippe Etchebest has become the most media leader of the PAF. His participation in Kitchen nightmare , launched in 2011 on M6, then at Top chef, which he has been a juror for six years, has exploded in popularity.

Very exposed, the chef is nonetheless very discreet about his personal life. Tonight, M6 lifts the veil on his childhood, his extraordinary journey and his passions. In this original documentary, Philippe Etchebest himself and his relatives testify.

Christiane and Jean-Pierre, his restaurateur parents, tell the little boy that he was. “He didn’t like to sit around and was very active, even when he was little”, says his mom. “He has a lot of will”, completes his dad.

His drawings and his cookbook

The star cook goes back to his childhood, finding in turn superb drawings made as a teenager or his first cook notebook, in which he copied recipes.

The chef also shares some personal videos to retrace his brilliant rise in the world of gastronomy. This rugby enthusiast, who thought for a while enrolling in sport-studies, did not go wrong in choosing the cuisine. Very quickly, he showed great skills and above all a phenomenal work force, always leading several activities simultaneously.

At 25, he managed to combine boxing and cooking. Then second in the doubly starred restaurant of Dominique Toulousy, in Toulouse, he chained fights and even reached the final of the French Amateur Championship. “I trained five days a week and I worked six days a week …”, he confides.

Challenges met with flying colors

Challenges do not scare this leader of men. Better, they transcend it. Entering the competition for the best worker in France (and winning it in 2000!), Leading a brigade, opening your own restaurant, aiming for Michelin stars or doing television: these are challenges met with flying colors by the chef. However, the latter derives no glory, just the happiness of having exceeded his limits.

Philippe Etchebest, the destiny of an extraordinary chef, at 10:55 p.m. on M6



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