POPULAR TODAY: Fuji Willing to ‘Change Lives’ for Vanessa and Bibi until the Persib midfielder is highlighted by the world

PEOPLE’S MIND – Asked if he had sincerely let go Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah, Fuji openly expresses his heart.

Younger brother Aunt Ardiansyah admitted that he did not want to be hypocritical in saying that he was able to accept the departure of his brothers and sisters.

Furthermore Fuji even willing to exchange lives if it can make Vanessa Angel and Aunt came back.

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1. Fuji Admits Willing to ‘Change His Life’ so that Aunt Ardiansyah and Vanessa Angel Living Again: It’s Hypocritical If I Accept

Fuji, the youngest sister of the late Aunt Ardiansyah has recently caught the attention of many pairs of eyes.

How not, although still at a young age, Fuji the forefront to take care of Gala, the fruit of the late love Vanessa Angel with the deceased Aunt Ardiansyah.

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