Politicians call me and …

A few days ago, the news broke in the political space that a new political project, led by Atanas Pekanov, may emerge similar to “We continue to change” (PP).

According to rumors, talks are underway with representatives of BSP, GERB and Maya Manolova’s “Stand Up.BG” to join the president’s new project.

Shortly afterwards Atanas Pekanov spoke about whether the information is correct. Along with this, however, and Maya Manolova commented on the hot political information and the intrigue became even greater.

Now Pekanov is talking about it again.

“I do not have such ambitions at the moment. I’m not having a partyI. I do not understand party building and there are no such plans. Many plans and many things are circulating in the public space“, He told Tsvetanka Rizova in the show” Face to Face “on bTV.

“During the months I was in the office, many politicians called me and shared their plans. These are their plans, but I have told them that my academic development is important, “Pekanov admitted, but did not give names.

“I am on the left on some topics and on the right on others. “An economist must be ready to move with modern models,” he said.

Upon my return to Bulgaria, I responded to the invitation of President Rumen Radev. My responsibility was to him, and not to politics, but to do the work for which I was called “, so Pekanov answered a question whether some time ago he received an invitation to join” We continue the change “.

The presenter asked him if he would then join a party if President Radev did so, but even there he answered quite inaccurately:

We have been communicating with Radev for several years and the other day I met by chance my political opponent, who asked me if I was really going to form a party, and I said, “No, I’m a technocrat.”


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