Polish soldier injured during the assault on the border by migrants – border guard

Фото: Twitter / Straz Graniczna

The victim was treated on the spot

Fifty illegal migrants stormed the border from Belarus. They threw stones at the border guards.

A Polish soldier was injured while repelling another assault on the Polish-Belarusian border by a group of about 55 migrants. The incident took place on Sunday, December 12th. About it reported on Twitter the Polish Border Guard.

“Today, at a section of the border guarded by a border guard unit in Cheremkha, a group of 55 aggressive persons crossed the border. One soldier of the Polish army was stabbed in the face,” the message says.

The department added that the victim received medical assistance on the spot.

Meanwhile Iraq evacuated 3.5 thousand people from the Belarusian-Polish border. For the removal of such a number of people, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry organized nine flights.

It was also reported that migrants on the border of Belarus and Poland left mountains of things… The foreigners were accommodated in the logistics center, and their tents, blankets and bags of food remained in the forest.

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