Police Investigate Risma’s Report About Bandel PKH Companion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Police is following up on the report made by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini related to the alleged abuse of the rights of beneficiary families (KPM) which allegedly involved unscrupulous persons accompanying the Family Hope Program (PKH).

“We are still investigating to collect materials, information and information from several districts,” said the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Kabareskrim) of the National Police Commissioner General Agus Andrianto when confirmed, Wednesday (30/6).

He said the National Police had received information and a written report submitted by Risma. It’s just that, when he asked for time to deepen.

Agus was not able to explain further about the form of abuse that allegedly occurred in the chaos of the program.

“We are still investigating to strengthen the data and information from him (Risma),” he added.

PKH is a program of providing social assistance aimed at poor families and has been designated as beneficiary families. This program is distributed every three months in four stages through state-owned banks.

Previously, Risma gave an ultimatum to PKH assistants who were suspected of abusing their authority for their personal interests. He threatened to fire the person.

He received a report regarding the allegation in Kanigoro Village, Malang Regency. As a result, he instructed his men to communicate further with the police.

If the allegations are proven, the person will be fired as a PKH assistant. Plus he also had to serve a criminal sentence.

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