Police Find Grab Driver Who Harassed Female Passenger Due to Vomiting


Viral driver GrabCar allegedly committed sexual harassment to the persecution of a female passenger with the initials NT due to vomiting from inside the car in Tambora, West Jakarta (Jakbar). The Tambora Police are investigating the case.

“An investigation has been carried out,” said Tambora Police Chief Kompol M Faruk when asked for confirmation, Friday (12/24/2021).

Faruk explained that the police had received a report from the victim and were conducting an investigation. Currently, the police are still hunting for the perpetrators.

“We have received a report from the victim. The perpetrator is currently under investigation by members,” he said.

Faruk further said that the police provided assistance to the victim. The victim was taken to Atmajaya Hospital, North Jakarta (Jakut), for a post-mortem last night.

“And we have accompanied the victim to Atmajaya Hospital for a post-mortem,” Faruk added.

Victims of Harassment and Persecution

Confirmed separately, the victim with the initials NT admitted that he did not vomit in the car driver GrabCar. NT explained that the incident occurred on Thursday (23/12) early in the morning.

At that time, NT had just returned from a friend’s birthday party at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta. NT admitted that at that time he did drink at the bar, but did not get drunk.

“Initially, I finished from a friend’s birthday. It was at a bar-rich event like that I’m at the bar. If you’re drunk, it’s not because I was only there for half an hour, I wasn’t given alcohol, like such mocktails, “NT told reporters, Friday (24/12).

On the way, NT felt dizzy and asked the driver to pull over for a while. However, the driver did not want to stop until he finally opened the window and vomited.

The driver did not accept. He had asked the victim for compensation of Rp. 300 thousand.

The victim then gave a tip of Rp. 100 thousand while apologizing. However, the perpetrator did not accept and even insulted the victim.

In short, it was then that a quarrel ensued. Until finally the victim and her brother received sexual harassment and abuse from the perpetrator.

Bruises and abrasions in the cheek area make it difficult to eat because it hurts when chew. (It also hurts in) the right lower abdomen,” added NT.

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