Police are looking for driver of delivery van who took boy (6) in Someren

There are no concrete indications that anything criminal has happened, but the police are still looking for the driver.


The cycling boy was approached on Wednesday around 3.45 pm on the Kruisbaan. The man asked him to help unload things, after which the child was ‘invited’ into the van with bicycle and all.

The child was let off the bus again on Nederweertseweg. “It is not entirely clear what exactly happened in the van,” said the police. The man has been asked to come forward to explain the incident. The police are also looking for people who may have seen or know anything related to this.

Call 112 immediately

The white van is presumably an extended Volkswagen Transporter with tinted windows and 5-spoke rims. Anyone who thinks they see the van is asked to call 112 immediately.

A police spokesperson explains that it was “such a remarkable situation” that they want to speak to the man as soon as possible. “Sometimes people feel hesitant to call 112, but we ask that they do just that when they see the van. That way we can intercept it.”

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