police are appealing for witnesses following the abduction of two children by their father

The Paris police headquarters has launched an appeal for witnesses, after the kidnapping on Tuesday of two children by a father. The man is likely to “go abroad”, in particular to Belgium, Germany or Algeria, according to the authorities.

The kidnapping, in connection with which the Paris police headquarters launched a call for witnesses Tuesday evening, took place early in the morning, in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis). At 5:15, “a family man“penetrated”helmeted and dressed in black with an accomplice“in the accommodation of his former mother-in-law, says PP.

The man then grabbed”violently” of two of his three children, before fleeing on foot.

It should be noted that the two children concerned – Abdelwahab, aged six, and Saloua, aged seven – were “dressed only in panties“and were barefoot during the events. The PP explains that the father of the family no longer benefited from the exercise of parental authority over the children.

A man “likely to be dangerous”, the police ask not to intervene

According to authorities, they are likely to “to go abroad“, especially in Belgium, Germany or Algeria. They could also have changed vehicles.

The father of the children no longer benefited from the exercise of parental authority over them.

Paris police headquarters

Police insist the individual is “likely to be dangerous” and thus asks not to intervene. The PP therefore calls on anyone likely to provide evidence to locate them to contact the authorities. During the day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., it is possible to call 01 41 60 29 36 or 01 41 60 30 01. The rest of the time, the call for witnesses refers to 17.

The investigation is entrusted to the Territorial Security of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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