Pokemon Legends: Arceus file size revealed for preload switch

image: The Pokemon Company / via Nintendo

It’s hard to believe, but we’re only a few days away from release now Pokemon Legends: Arceus – The new Pokémon that is expected to rock the current formula trainers has become very well known over the years.

As we get closer to the release of the latest release on January 28, we are learning new things about it every day. The news currently doing the rounds is that the preload is now live.

In addition, it appears that we have a file size of . According to Serebii.net, the preload is: 6 GB (measure closer to BDSP). Please note that this will not affect the chances of the patch updating in one day. Datamines from earlier this week Also pay attention to this And 6 GB included with Nintendo Japanese site, heel.

If you download a digital copy of the game from the Switch eShop before March, you’ll receive a code for 30 Heavy Balls. You can read more about this at Our previous post.

image: The Pokemon Company / via Nintendo

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