Sport Plushenko - Bulk: conflict - latest news

Plushenko – Bulk: conflict – latest news


Well-known Russian politician and opposition leader, the founder of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” Alexei Navalny criticized family double Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenkowho spoke in support of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

“Shameful and shameless exploitation of the unfortunate child,” Navalny wrote on Twitter.

The Olympic champion responded no less harshly, simultaneously throwing policy the call to battle.

“Ironically, of course, to hear from you about conscience. What kind of civil society can say, if you can only vote for you, and when it is not for you, then at your direction? Each person is free to speak about the position right, each rotok you your scarf will not need a jacket. I am ashamed to live with you in the same country! If you have questions for me — I am ready for a man to discuss. I hope not Sasse”.

Wife Of Eugene Yana Rudkovskaya believes that this fight could be the same loud event, like a duel Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor in the UFC.

“I think this match should be nothing less than a match Habib and Conor McGregor! Interestingly, though, someone would put the poor guy a Bulk. I would place the Bulk too pissed in”.

Also Rudkovskaya published a roller with exercise Plushenko on the beach. But note that the video was shot back in 2015. Eugene current form is unknown.

Later on air of radio “KP” Plushenko confirmed that he is ready to defend his family’s honor in a Boxing sparring with a known oppositionist.

“We don’t want to pay attention, but when, for example, touch my family and my beloved son, I am ready to stand up for them. And not just some sort of verbal stories, Yes, I am ready even to go to the ring, for example, with the same Bulk. Wants to please. It used to be W duel? Was. That’s it, we can do the sparring. Wear gloves, wear a mouth guard, wear helmets and can speak just so sporty”.

If Alexei Navalny will continue to develop the conflict and agree to call the skater, whether their fight competitive? Try to understand.

In the above-mentioned ether Plushenko admitted that already a long time kickboxing. Eugene met martial arts in 2014, when the world champion on a kickboxing Alexander Fake took part in the filming of social advertising.

Initially it was assumed that Plushenko will put on gloves and popozirovat on camera, but Eugene went ahead and conducted a full-fledged sparring with Lime. Format: eight rounds of three minutes.

Plushenko is not a joke became interested in the new sport and asked for Lime to show him some tricks and techniques. In the end advertising photography has grown into a full lesson on kickboxing, which lasted two hours.

Recently started kickboxing Dwarf Gnomic.

That can oppose Alexei Navalny? About his sports Hobbies almost nothing is known. Let us review the basic facts from the biography of the opposition.

• The Institute of Alexei visited a gym. His record in the bench press from the chest — 140 pounds three times.

• In 2015, the Bulk was fond of running long distances. Before that the politician admitted that since school hated running. But that did not stop him in the first race to demonstrate the power of the spirit and to conquer 10 miles. At that time Alexei was 39 years old, now he is 44.

Alex keeps himself in shape, but nothing more. His skills in combat sports unknown to the General public. One thing is for sure — with endurance problems should arise.

The challenge Plushenko Navalny has not yet responded, whereas of fight the public is already beginning to stir interest in a possible fight.

For example, the President of Fight Nights Global Kamil Gadzhiev ready to take on the battle.

“Find out unresolved question in the ring is normal, this is something there. Men at all times call such fights battles in which you can take heart. Sometimes the situation comes to a standstill and people just need to “butts kicked” each other smack, and then everything falls into place. As for the challenge, the Bulk who just called. In the ring I have never seen, so his perspective is quite weak. Skaters — strong guys, a chance to beat Plushenko more. But in this fight objectively, I do not believe. I think the Bulk does not consider this story seriously. But if this fight takes place, I am ready to not only see, but also to organize. If it all took serious shape, of course,” says Hajiyev.

In Federation of Boxing of Russia do not believe in the victory Bulk.

“Not once offered the Bulk of a Boxing pad. Talking and insulting everyone knows, so let him come like a man and deal with their fists. Historically, we have a duel out here with clear rules: lying is not beaten, all standing and with fists like real men. They are both boxers, so they can enter the ring. We have them all pay, arrange this fight, both Merited Boxing coaches will recommend. Can you give gloves of Olympic sports, not professional, to avoid damage strong. Who will benefit? Plushenko played sports, he had the advantage. Bulk my whole life doing what? Only to talk the language advantage. But after the battle will not be much talking, put a fat point”, — said the Secretary General of Federation of Boxing of Russia Umar Kremlev.

But a professional MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko believes that a politician could beat the athlete using the advantage of anthropometry.

“I think Navalny more chances to win, he has a weight advantage, he is more. And Plushenko is small, weighs little. At least weighed, maybe thicker became. But the fight itself will be uninteresting. I once saw Navalny behaves in clashes with Cossacks, for example, when he arrived in Krasnodar, and was not impressed. But Plushenko, I think, not a great fighter. So my assessment is based purely on external data. Am I ready to Bulk prepare for battle? I think, Yes. Why not? If you’re interested, if it pleases, I am ready. Media interest in this fight will be exactly. I think we could use its benefits, it is easy. Plushenko more feminine in terms of shapeand Bulk a little more,” said Shlemenko.

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