PLN 2,000 fine for a Poznań resident for not indicating who used his car. The Mercedes was standing on the S5 route for 3 days and was obstructing the traffic

The vehicle was standing on the roadside near Kościan and was blocking the passage of the plow.

It was the road service that informed the police about the car standing on the side of the expressway in the Kościan area. As indicated, the car makes the work of vehicles responsible for snow removal difficult. The officers went to the site and found a Mercedes GLC 200 parked on the roadside in the direction of Poznań.

– The left front tire was damaged in the vehicle, which made it impossible to continue driving. The person who used the Mercedes did not take care of the correct marking of the damaged vehicle, namely did not place the warning triangle and did not turn on the hazard or parking lights – explain policemen from Kościan.

The car not only did not have a triangle, but was also left in a forbidden place, next to a continuous line, hindering traffic and posing a threat to other drivers. It was established that the vehicle was standing there for 3 days.

– The police contacted the owner of the Mercedes, who did not wish to take the vehicle away. Due to the real threat posed by the car to other road users, it was towed to a guarded police car park. The owner, a 55-year-old resident of Poznań, was informed about everything and was called to appear at the police station. Contrary to his obligation, the man did not indicate who was entrusted with the vehicle for use from 4 to 7 January. Therefore, a fine of PLN 2,000 was imposed on him. Due to the fact that the Mercedes has been secured in the police car park, the owner, in order to recover the vehicle, must present the relevant documents issued by the Police and cover the costs of towing and parking in the guarded car park – they add.


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