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Playoff fight in the NL – Bern averts defeat and approaches the bottom line – sport


  • The SC Bern is long behind against the bottom of Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, but can still avert the defeat and wins 5: 2.
  • The direct dash competitor Freiburg also turns the game at home against Lugano in the final section and swaps places.
  • Davos and the ZSC Lions are dampening the playoff hopes of the Tigers and Ambri.
  • Servette annoyed the leader from Zug – and Biel trumped in Lausanne.

For a long time it looked bad for SC Bern, who was in dire need of points – but the Mutzen celebrated an enormously important home win against the bottom of Rapperswil-Jona. Because Friborg-Gottéron also won 3 points in the 6-3 win against Lugano, the Ticinese have slipped to 8th place and are still 3 points ahead of the Berners.

Bottom line situation

7. Freiburg4667
8. Lugano4766
9. Bern4663
10. Langnau4659
11. Ambri4757

Bern – Lakers 5: 2

Calle Andersson put SCB, who dominated the first third, ahead in the 18th minute. The bottom of the table then used the bottom of the table to shock the Mutzen: Jan Mosimann equalized after a rebound in the 23rd minute. And in the 35th minute it was Michael Loosli who was able to start from the blue line.

In the final section, the Berners averted the looming disgrace: In the 43rd minute, the almost 16,000 fans in the Postfinance Arena were able to breathe a sigh of relief when Vincent Praplan deflected the target in front of Lakers goalkeeper Melvin Nyffeler. Tristan Scherwey (49.), punishably left alone in the slot, Simon Moser (53.) and Jan Mursak (55.) then ensured fairly clear conditions and the 5-2 win.

Freiburg – Lugano 6: 3

Lugano exerted great pressure against the table neighbors early on and came with many opportunities. Linus Klasen brought the guests into the lead in the fourth minute. Alessio Bertaggia increased to 2-0 in a heated game shortly before the end of the third period. Shortly after half of the game, Adrien Lauper scored the connecting goal – but the joy with the home side was short-lived: With a goal by Julian Walker again just before the siren, Lugano increased again.

The third third then became the Freiburg Festival section. Daniel Brodin first brought his hopes back to the BCF arena with a double strike in the 42nd and 46th minutes. Then Sandro Schmid (53.) and Viktor Stalberg as well as Matthias Rossi with Empty-Nettern made the decision and made the turn perfect.

Davos – Langnau 5: 2

Losing was forbidden for Langnau: After an early goal from Eero Elo, the Emmental in the Landwassertal were in the lead for a long time. The break tea then seemed to give Davos an enormous boost – within 42 seconds, returnees Otso Rantakari and Oliver Heinen returned the game with their first NL goal. Graubünden showed themselves mercilessly efficient in the middle section against the offensive oppressing guests (6:20 finishes). Chris Egli made the decision in favor of Graubünden in the 45th minute. Davos promptly replied to the connection goal by Elo: Chris Egli and Fabrice Herzog scored for the 5-2 final score.

ZSC Lions – Ambri 3: 1

11th place against vice leader: Ambri did not hide in the Hallenstadion and took the lead in the 8th minute through Elias Bianchi. Despite a clear increase in opportunities, the Zurich team did not manage to knock out anything countable. Shortly before the second siren it finally worked: Frederik Pettersson initiated the turn with the equalization. Marco Pedretti then caused cheers in the Hallenstadion in the 56th minute: His placed shot to 2-1 should be the decision. Maxim Noreau scored in the empty goal to make it 3-1.

Broadcast reference: SRF two, current ice hockey, 02/21/2019, 10:20 p.m.


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