News Players receive death threats for themselves and their families

Players receive death threats for themselves and their families


Baseball players of the Stars from Houston receive threats from death both for them and for their families.

The theme of sign theft and trap of Stars it is slipping from the hands of Major League Baseball (MLBBig leagues) especially to its commissioner Rob Manfred, who despite who has commented and informed that he will not allow revenge of the other teams against the Houston players, as well as protection for Mike Fiers, the former pitcher of the Sidereal, who now throws for the Oakland Athletics.

While Fiers said he did not need protection from anyone who could take care of himself, the truth is that yesterday, it was known that he received threats from death.

Well, this Friday, February 21, 2020, it was also known through Josh Reddick, that he and other players of the Stars and its families They have received threats from death by social networks.

“Earlier this month, I posted a video of one of my five-month-old twins. One comment read: I hope your child has cancer. Others have been told: I will kill your whole family, ”said Reddick.

Reddick added that both he and his wife have received death threats throughout this month through social networks.

“I’m not the only one,” Reddick said pointing to his teammates at the clubhouse.

Reddick implored at Big leagues that protects the Astros players and their families this season.


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