Player shoots at 160 km/h, with coffee in one hand and cell phone in the other

Raúl Asencio is being heavily criticized in Spain for a video he posted on social media. The player in Alcorcón filmed himself driving at around 160 kilometers an hour, with a cup of coffee in one hand and his cell phone in the other – the one he was filming, naturally.

Worse still: at the time shown in Asencio’s car, his team was on the field at that time, against Huesca, but the former Genoa forward was not interested in following the match.

As he was not called up for the match, given his poor performance in the first months at Alcorcón, Raúl Asencio hit the road, traveling from Madrid to Villarreal, to enjoy his Christmas holidays.

Along the way, he decided to publish the controversial video. “We hope that Alcorcón will sanction this type of conduct, like this case of Raúl Asensio. Driving in clear excess of speed and with both hands occupied», criticized Peña La Previa, from Alcorcón.

See the video:


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