Planning to Kill Pregnant Woman in Cakung, Perpetrators Threatened with Death Penalty


Police uncover cases murder of pregnant woman whose body was dumped on the side of the road in the Cakung area, East Jakarta. Police say the murder has been planned by the perpetrator.

“This murder was planned? The answer is yes. Therefore, investigators apply Article 340 of the Criminal Code (premeditated murder),” said Director of General Crime Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police Kombes Tubagus Ade Hidayat at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (12/8/2021). ).

Article 340 of the Criminal Code reads:

“Anyone who deliberately and with premeditated plans takes the life of another, is threatened with the death penalty or imprisonment for life or for a certain period of time, a maximum of 20 years.”

Perpetrator named Asep Saepudin (23) killed the victim in the Cakung area, East Jakarta. Asep even planned to kill the victim by trapping the victim through the modus open BO (booking online).

After the victim was trapped, the perpetrator then killed the victim. Suspect Asep then wrapped the victim with billboards and cardboard, then the victim’s body was dumped 8 km from the murder site.

However, suspect Asep dumped the victim’s body on the edge of Jl Raya Bekasi Km 21, Cakung, East Jakarta. The perpetrator’s actions were considered to be in contrast to the murder plan that had been prepared.

Remove Trace

Tubagus then explained that the reason why the suspect dumped the victim’s body 8 km from the murder site was to remove traces.

“Then why was the suspect wrapped up neatly and put on the road so that other people could find out? This is the most likely, based on the results of the examination, this is the most practical step to eliminate traces of the victim,” said Tubagus.

According to Tubagus, the perpetrator’s actions are considered the fastest in eliminating evidence. He explained that from the beginning the suspect had positioned that there was a distance between him and the victim, so that it was hoped that suspicions of the suspect would not be detected.

“The victim was deliberately lured out by himself, not accompanied by the person concerned. This is to eliminate that I was not with him last, he was alone. How do I get him to leave? Then a fictitious BO was made, a fictitious order he made himself. We have confiscated his cellphone. From what is it there for? To try to lure it out,” explained Tubagus.

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