Plamen Dimitrov: They are currently destroying the pension model

“What was done last year was an absolute mistake. We said it then, but there was no audibility. This is the result of the actions of all politicians combined. They are currently destroying the pension model. ” This was commented to Nova TV by the CITUB leader Plamen Dimitrov.

“From July, we should get back into the normal functioning of the pension system, and we may need to recalculate our pensions by more than 6%,” he said. Then the poorest should receive help, through the Social Assistance Agency. If the COVID supplement lasts until the end of the year, it will be a mistake, “Dimitrov said.

He also made a comparison with Romania. “Romania is growing faster than us, they have more opportunities. The next answer is that the distribution is fairer, “said Plamen Dimitrov.

He explained that according to official data, cumulative inflation is 7.3% in November compared to November. It is expected to be 8% in December compared to December. It will be smaller on an annual basis.

“The small basket is approaching 15%. Our request is 15% to compensate all incomes “, said Dimitrov.

“I expect 5-6% inflation to put the government in the budget. The small basket will still be much larger. That’s why I said BGN 750, which is a 15% increase in income. If we increase the minimum wage, no one will pull our ears that we did it, “Dimitrov said.


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