Pietro Lombardi opens music school in Tanzania

Pietro Lombardi announced on Instagram that a big dream will come true for him in 2022. The singer opens a music school in Tanzania.

the essentials in brief

  • Pietro Lombardi founds a music school in Tanzania.
  • It has always been a big dream.
  • The singer canceled his tour due to Corona.

Pietro Lombardi (29) told his followers in an Instagram story that he can fulfill a heartfelt wish in 2022. There will be “next year a Pietro Lombardi music school in Africa, in Tanzania,” explains the singer and “DSDS” winner from 2011.

It was always a big dream of his, because music connects people. «No matter what phase of life we ​​are in, music always gives us strength. […] I am very, very proud to soon be able to show you the Lombardi music school. “

The music school is to be built there

It is “done and done” and a lot of people are currently working on this project, adds the musician. Then he gives a first glimpse with a few video recordings. The clips show a building not far from the coast in which the music school will be located in 2022.

Pietro Lombardi is one of the most successful “DSDS” winners. Around ten years after his victory in 2011, the 29-year-old is still very popular; he has around two million Instagram followers. In 2020 the artist released his third studio album, Lombardi.

Pietro Lombardi cancels tour due to Corona

In September 2021 he reported back after a break in which he had to “find himself anew”. Most recently, at the beginning of December, he announced that he would cancel his current tour after only three concerts due to the corona pandemic.

“It doesn’t feel right. It would be irresponsible of me to continue playing the tour, ”he said in an emotional Instagram video. The canceled concerts should be rescheduled in March.

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