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The corona measures in Sint Eustatius will be relaxed from today. The number of corona infections on the Caribbean island has been gradually decreasing in recent days. Sint Eustatius has more than 3000 inhabitants and had 113 positive cases on Saturday.

The number of infections rose just in the two weeks before: from 1 infection on December 28 to 132 infections on January 14.

Cafés, restaurants and the only casino on the island are allowed to open their doors again. The restrictions regarding the number of visitors will remain in place. Restaurants are allowed to receive a maximum of fifteen guests. Schools, nurseries and extracurricular organizations are also allowed to open their doors again. Here too, a maximum of fifteen people applies. In supermarkets and other essential stores, a maximum of ten people are allowed in at a time. Barber shops and nail studios are allowed to open, but can only help one customer at a time.

Not only are the infections of the past few days less severe, the symptoms are also generally mild. Less than 2 percent of people with a positive test result were hospitalized. In mid-December, slightly more than half of the adults on St. Eustatius had been vaccinated.

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