photos from vacation in Dubai

As writes, Irina Gorovaya is a popular Ukrainian producer. The star was married to Alexei Potapenko, but in 2014 the couple divorced. Gorova has two children – Natasha from her first relationship and Andrey from Potap. Alexey raised not only his child, but also became a father to Natasha, maintaining warm relations with everyone even after the divorce. Now Gorovaya and Potapenko run the production center together. Irina does not forget about Instagram, where she shares the most interesting things with fans.

In the new photo, Irina was in a red swimsuit and with a bandage on her head. Gorovaya completed her look with stylish glasses.

In the second photo, the star showed herself in full growth. The producer came into the room while someone took a picture of her on camera.

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“Hello,” Irina wrote under the photo.

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