PHOTO | UPDATE. Fatal accident the Ineu

UPDATE: How the accident happened

According to the Arad County Police Inspectorate, “On May 14 this year, a serious road accident took place on DC29, outside Ineu, at the intersection with DJ792.

Investigations revealed that a 74-year-old man from Ineu drove a car in the direction of Dealul Viilor towards Ineu, and at one point he left the road colliding with the concrete curb of a bridge on the direction his movement.The impact resulted in the death of the man, who was alone in the car.The police are continuing their investigation to establish all the causes and circumstances in which the accident took place and to take the necessary legal measures. “

INEU. “It simply came to our notice thenă, îAt around 21:40, we were asked to intervene in the management of an emergency situation, generated by the occurrence of a road accident (car overturned îoutside the roadway) îin the city of Ineu”, informArad Emergency Situations Inspectorate.

The accident happened at the exit from Ineu towards Dealul Viilor and was reported by a traffic participant. Rescue crews from the Ineu Fire Brigade were rushed to the scene with a rescue truck and a crew. of the County Ambulance Service.

Rescuers found that a man in his 70s, unconscious, was being held in an overturned car outside the roadway. The victim was taken out of the car and handed over to the SAJ crew, who performed resuscitation maneuvers. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead.

Most likely, the man, who was alone in the car, crashed into a bridgehead and overturned off the road as a result of the impact.

Military firefighters also provided measures to prevent and extinguish fires at the scene of the accident.




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