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Philip Amthor at the meeting of the North East-CDU: Amthors finish


To at 19:46 the Commissioner to come of country Manager Eckhardt Rehberg and Philip Amthor from the door of the Barlach-Böhmer-Saal. Both are left, as they announce what they had hoped in the national Association many, but none wanted to publicly say: Philip Amthor, who is not a candidate for the CDU party chair in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

It was a “serious and very serious day for him,” says Amthor. “The controversy that connects with my finished ancillary activity for the company Augustus Intelligence, was a mistake.” The Details of the open-ended questions and he’ll clarify now with the Bundestag administration.

Amthor continues: he said, in case of doubt, personal goals would have to stand behind the good of the party. Despite the “outstanding consent” will not he for the office of the provincial Chairman. “I want to be a burden for the party.”

The doubt in the national party grew

For the country-CDU Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it was probably one of the most unusual meetings that you held ever. From the age of 18 at the Kurhaus met in Güstrow at Hotel “am Inselsee” the advanced national Board of Directors. Originally, they wanted to meet only briefly, when the upcoming special party Congress should take place.

But then the affair of Augustus, the continued Amthor every day under more and more pressure came. Recently it became known that the young CDU-hope his secondary activity as a “free employee” at the law firm of White & Case resting. Company documents suggest that there is a connection between White & Case and the American company Augustus Intelligence, the company, in the case of Amthor, who is also a Post-set, of stock options received and for which he the Federal Ministry of Economics lobbyierte.

In the country-CDU provided the publication a lot of excitement. Amthor had announced a few days earlier, at a press conference, his sole candidacy for the Post of Chairman. The Minister of justice, and rival Katy Hoffmeister got out of the election campaign to the headland, which had arranged the two together. Although Amthor received at this time a comprehensive catalogue of questions from the MIRROR-in-law, he to Hoffmeister. Instead, he spoke at the press conference that the good of the party, for the need to reset personal ambitions, about which he spoke now in Güstrow.

Amthor admits that traveling by Augustus were paid

This week, two district associations were behind Amthor, but also in the country a party to the doubt: Would the 27 grew year-over-Year time? He must run, of all things, for the party chairmanship? As a first response Amthor from the Committee of inquiry moved back to the terrorist attack on the breitscheidtplatz, because he is a close contact the Ex-constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen hasthat is also involved in the case of Augustus.

At the meeting on Friday Amthor, held in front of the expanded national Board of Directors of a longer defense plea, then, critical questions were asked, how to Present reports. It had remained quiet. Some things remained vague, other was convincing.

To travel also the hotel bills on the “business”, as Amthor called them repeatedly, he had given information. The have, of course, Augustus Intelligence paid, he said. This will now be resolved legally. To demand a number of journalists on Friday night that gave Amthor after the meeting that he would clarify with the Bundestag administration.

New candidate without the Champagne and Glamour

According to SPIEGEL information, Rehberg and Amthor were gone before the meeting, the process by. Rehberg is an authority in the parliamentary group and in the country. Amthor should have declared that he would forego, if can get a replacement on the candidacy. Like Rehberg said in the meeting to the participants, he called in the afternoon, Michael Sack.

Sack is now the new candidate for the national chairmanship of the CDU in the North-East, this time “with a little less Glamour, and Champagne”, as the Christian Democrats say: Michael Sack, 47, is considered to be AfD-Slayer in the Guild, because he’s playing similar to how Amthor successfully against a strong AfD on-site. The civil engineer-Western Pomerania district in the County of Greifswald, and was mayor of the 4000 inhabitants of the town of Loitz.

Amthor itself will now focus for the time being back to his Bundestag mandate. His closest party friends regret the retreat. Franz-Robert Liskow, for example, CDU-circle-in-chief of Amthor and bag in the Vorpommern-Greifswald, which had been proposed by Amthor as a candidate for the party presidency, said after the meeting: “Philip would have been an excellent candidate, and I regret his decision, I have great respect.”

The Hamburg-based German Bundestag deputies Christoph Ploß, which turned out to be one of the few in the parliamentary group behind Amthor, said: “The personal decision of Philip Amthor is to be respected. He is still moving a lot for the CDU in the Bundestag.”

Will he move a little? A question to Amthors ambitions remained on Friday night in Güstrow open. SAC is now also the top candidate for the state election in the autumn of next year, the SPD Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig challenge?

At the beginning of August, the Congress will take place in Güstrow. The top candidate is not clarified yet, a date for the decision there is still. On demand of the MIRROR on Friday evening, whether Amthor excludes for itself, he said: “The new Chairman has the first right of Access to the top candidate.” Again: he Excludes the candidacy for himself, then? “I think Michael bag would be an excellent top candidate.”

In clear text: do not want to Exclude the Amthor on Friday night in Güstrow.

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