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Phai Dao Din shot off, walking through the sky. 7 March at the Democracy Monument

Date 06 Mar 2021 Time 20:10

Phai Dao Din organized activities in Kasetsart University. Give out pictures of the jailed leaders. Announcing the closing of the stage to walk through the sky, the monument of democracy on 7 Mar.

Mr. Jatuphat Boonphat Raksa or Phai Daowin, the leader of the walking group Doing activities within Kasetsart University By distributing images of the leaders of the people who were imprisoned With the opening of the music to encourage the vocal With an appointment to walk through the sky tomorrow (7 Mar) by walking from Kaset intersection Via Phaholyothin Road Through Saphan Kwai Victory Monument Expected to reach the Democracy Monument at 4 PM.

“We will set a closed stage to walk through the sky at the Democracy Monument. Then we will announce something important to the public. Which will be the course of our next fight And on Monday, March 8, we will walk to the leader who was hit with the Section 112 case. And this movement, whether I live or not. My heart will continue to walk with my brothers and sisters. “


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