Peugeot 208, the success continues: an unprecedented novelty

Peugeot 208, the smallest of the brand, has also concluded 2021 with great numbers on the Italian car market. It is confirmed once again as one of the most popular cars in the Bel Paese, and the year that has just ended is the record-breaking year in terms of sales for Peugeot’s latest car elected Car of the Year 2020, which exceeded 30,000 contracts signed in the past 12 months.

Today the car comes with a very important novelty, which concerns the driver’s seat of the versions equipped with automatic transmission: thanks to a new selector, the driver is guaranteed a better ease of use and responsiveness of use of the control and the central tunnel shows a new stylistic cleanliness. Perfect expression of the “Power of Choice” concept, thanks also to the availability of the 100% electric engine, the 208 is presented to the Italian public in seven different configurations that aim to keep the future value of the car high.

The big numbers of Peugeot 208 in 2021

2021 has just ended and the little 208 has confirmed, once again, large numbers on the Italian market. As we anticipated, over 30,000 customers chose it last year, the car has reached more than 65,000 users since its launch, which took place at the end of 2019. The results continue to underline the appreciation of the market for the last Lion car to receive the Car of the Year award (in 2020).

Peugeot 208 continues to rise in terms of sales, remaining one of the most popular models by the Italian public, albeit soon after the 2008 SUV, which as we have recently seen today is the best-selling car of the brand in Italy. Gasoline or diesel, or 100% electric, heat engines are part of that concept “Power of Choice” that the company has been offering to the public for some time to offer maximum freedom of choice in terms of nutrition.

The new gear selector of the Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208, the big news on board

The big news for 2022

But let’s go back to the new element added on the small one of the House, it is a small but important technological update on board the 208, a product evolution that will undoubtedly satisfy the target audience. In the versions equipped with automatic gearbox, in fact, the previous “snake” gearshift lever gives way to new “e-toggle” selector. Its minimalist look frees up space in the central tunnel and makes the driver’s seat even more futuristic, making it more practical and allowing the selection of the different gear positions with the use of a single finger, also to the advantage of speed of use. Not a small detail, for this model that represents the entrance door to thewide Peugeot range, in which the pleasure of driving always plays a leading role.

For 2022, the House has decided to offer its customers fittings that include equipment that in the past were only available as an option. Seven setups that have the task of responding to the individual needs of Italian customers: Like, Active, Active Pack, Allure, Allure Pack, GT e GT Pack, which aim to offer ease of choice, but also greater resistance to the future value of used vehicles.

The list dell’car symbol of excellence and novelty starts from the Like set-up, proposed for 16,900 euros, and combined with the PureTech 75 petrol engine. automatic EAT8 which also equips the most powerful 130 HP variant. The Active set-up with 100 horsepower 1.5 Blue HDi Diesel engine starts at 21,100 euros in the price list, the electric version e-208 on the other hand can be purchased from 33,850 euros in Active set-up, the perfect solution also for novice drivers who can start their career by motorists embracing the highest expression of the energy transition.

The big news aboard the Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 continues to be one of the most successful cars in Italy


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