Health Persistent rains, stagnant work, WHEN, in Sipaliwini

Persistent rains, stagnant work, WHEN, in Sipaliwini


More than 1 person with the feline corona virus is infected in Suriname
Pictures: for illustration only – SNB staff members in a training session about how to capture the corona of the patients in the country.

Since the pre-the mission of the Medical Mission Suriname (MZ) in Paramaribo, it is returned after the Sipaliwini to have suffered the WHEN the area is no longer able to do. This has been the persistent rain at the base. WHEN manager Herman Jintie told by a zoomgesprek at the regular press conference of the National COVID-19 Team, with the exception of Kawemhakan and all airports that culture and language are.

“From the time we get back, the rain is falling very hard from the south,” says the director of the Jintie. He stressed that there were no flights to be able to be performed in the mission, WHEN planning has not been done yet. Director of the Jintie, said that the Medical Mission, however, the situation in the south continues to monitor its in-in 51 out-patient clinics. It is close to the villages, as well as out-patient clinics.

With the consent of the executive director that the situation has been made worse. “On the contrary, it is the people that make it are good, and there have been no new cases of influenza and flu-related symptoms,” according to the executive director. He said that the team’s presence in the Sipaliwini has been found that the situation is not serious, in the sense that people are not seriously sick. The mission was to return to the city, with the tests carried out in the hope that, in the ordinary cases of flu went down. However, it was observed that the corona-the infection was, so the COVID-barometer and the national are also up.

However, people are now relatively well off. Director of the Jintie, says that the Medical Mission is in daily contact with her to a clinic in Sipaliwini. Also, the team is ready to go, as long as the situation allows. Director of the Jintie: “We are now in the drukdoende to look at other options in the area to do so. Every day We are in contact with the airline, which is waiting for us to carry, as well as the luchtvaartdienst”.




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