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Strong top game with a 3:2 victory for Mannheim and Berlin almost managed to equalize after being 0:3 behind. “You have to congratulate Mannheim on the first third. The game was simply decided there,” said Berlin’s goalie Mathias Niederberger. “We made it over time,” said Mannheim’s David Wolf and “deserved to win!” After a difficult phase, the mood in Munich is much better again. “There was – I’ll put it this way: a bit of shit on the steam. The little break was good for us now,” joked Frank Mauer. The Wolfsburg also convince after a quarantine at 5: 2 in Bremerhaven. Mike Stewart, who just renewed his contract with the Grizzlies, explained the strong performance with a desire for action: “The boys are like racehorses – they want to come out and play hockey.” Cologne repeats the mistakes of the last few weeks, losing the derby against Düsseldorf 0: 3.

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Adler Mannheim – Eisbären Berlin 3:2

Berlin simply overrun in the first third, 3-0 up, but in the end had to tremble for victory again – Mannheim and Berlin delivered a strong top game. The eagles also win their 3rd game in 2022, sliding close to the polar bears. Berlin remains the leader of the table, despite only having suffered their second away defeat in the normal season and their second defeat in a row.

Mannheim’s David Wolf prepared 2 of 3 goals in the first period: “Berlin is not up there for nothing, but we started very well and came out very well. In the second period it was clear that Berlin would put more pressure on after the 0:3. We made it through the time with chances for both sides. I think so: we deservedly won over the 60 minutes.”

Berlin’s goalie Mathias Niederberger on the reasons for the defeat: “You have to congratulate Mannheim on the first period. The game was decided there. I wouldn’t blame it on the Munich game. Mannheim just came under a lot of pressure. We’re better then the duels came, we skated better and then we created more chances, but it just wasn’t enough.”

EHC Red Bull Munich – Krefeld Penguins 5: 1

Clear Munich victory after a strong last third. Frank Mauer has been the biggest critic in the team in recent weeks when it comes to their own performance: “The weeks before we didn’t exactly cover ourselves with fame. There was – I’ll put it this way: a bit of shit on the steam. The little one The break did us good. We discussed a lot of tactical things, we implemented them and won twice. That was incredibly important for us.” In a nutshell: “We need a good defense up front – that’s our strength.” The trend reversal after many fluctuations in performance? “Trend reversal or not. We are in the process of finding each other.”

Krefeld’s Alexander Weiss with a sober conclusion: “Munich was the better team in every respect. They were faster, they won more duels.”

Cologne Sharks – Düsseldorfer EG 0:3

Without head coach Uwe Krupp, Cologne lost the derby again, the 8th loss in a row for the Haie. In principle, it was a double of the Cologne defeats – too many penalties hurt again, plus poor conversion of chances. Assistant coach Ron Pasco also saw it this way: “If you are outnumbered for 8 minutes in a third against a team that is currently the best powerplay team in the league, then that is not the best prerequisite for a successful result.” Pasco saw good approaches, however: “Bad luck followed us again. We hit the post twice. We find it difficult to convert our chances.”

DEG goalie Mirko Pantkowski recorded a 100% catch rate: “We played a rock-solid game. Closed up at the back and didn’t allow any great chances. Just put things in the front….The post saved me twice.” Düsseldorf also had a series of 8 bankruptcies, against the Haie it was the 2nd success within a few days, what happened? “Our line up is full again. We haven’t changed much. It’s the little things that we used to do worse or wrong.”

Penguins Bremerhaven – Grizzlies Wolfsburg 2:5

Strong game by Wolfsburg after almost 2 weeks of quarantine, so also: no training. Coach Mike Stewart, who has just extended the Grizzlies by 1 year, therefore praised: “A very big compliment to my team. The last few weeks have been very bumpy. In the last minute we got some players back today. They just wanted to help. That was a great team effort. We changed a lot, the lads were intelligent in their ice ages. That kept us relatively fresh.” The Grizzlies have now understood “how we play”, the big plus: “Everyone was happy to be able to play again. The boys are like racehorses – they want to come out and play ice hockey.”

Bremerhaven’s Niklas Andersen once said: “There’s no excuse. We can do it much better… We can learn a lot from the wins, but we also have to take something from this game.”

Schwenninger Wild Wings – Augsburg Panther 3:0

Daniel Pfaffengut on a game that Schwenningen mastered very efficiently, even if the best ice hockey was not offered at times: “We don’t care. We were in all 3 areas, in the goalkeeper position, in defense, also in offense we extremely strong.” Schwenningen’s plan was: “As little risk as possible in all 3 zones and then win the game.

Augsburg’s Braden Lamb: “It was difficult up front, it didn’t work offensively at all. Schwenningen made better use of the few chances they had.”

Die PENNY DEL live bei MagentaSport:

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