Peeters rejects Groen’s proposal for 100 kilometers per hour on the motorway: ‘Drivers can decide that perfectly for themselves’

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open VLD) is not in favor of the proposal that Groen launched to implement a general speed reduction of 100 kilometers per hour on the Flemish motorways. “We’re not going to have an anti-car policy.”

Opposition party Groen proposes to temporarily introduce a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour on the motorways during the day. ‘That is not only good for the wallet: by driving a little slower, we also ensure safer traffic, healthier air and less noise,’ says Flemish Member of Parliament Stijn Bex. The measure could save drivers about 0.7 to 1.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. “It’s good for everything and everyone, except Putin.”

But Groen’s proposal falls on a cold stone at Minister Peeters. According to her, drivers can perfectly decide for themselves whether to drive differently: ‘Every road user is free to adapt his driving behavior to the so-called ecodriving principles, such as faster gear changes, less acceleration and engine braking, but I also want the speed regime. keep it logical.’

According to Peeters, the highway infrastructure often lends itself to speeds higher than 100 kilometers per hour. ‘Through the Agency for Roads and Traffic, we are investing in dynamic signs above our highways, so that they can indicate a speed depending on the circumstances.’

According to Peeters, a general speed reduction to 100 km/h is not included in the coalition agreement and the Flemish Climate Plan. ‘So it won’t happen. And to be honest: I don’t think many Flemish people are waiting for this.’

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