PDIP Instructs West Java Cadres to Gather ‘Sunda’ Arteria Tail Row

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Central Executive Board (DPP) PDIP instructed their ranks of cadres in West Java to close ranks to carry out sympathetic actions following the statement Dahlan’s arteries which is considered to have injured the Sundanese people.

The chairman of the PDIP DPP, Aria Bima, said that his party was currently strengthening the parties who felt hurt because of Arteria’s words. He considered the party’s reprimand against Arteria, as well as the apology from members of Commission III of the DPR, as confirmation that the party was not related to the incident.

“You have to give reinforcement to friends who were injured because of Arteria’s words. That’s the action by PDIP, members of the central to regional DPR,” he told CNNIndonesia.com, Friday (21/1).

Aria admitted that her party was aware that many parties, especially the Sundanese and West Java residents, were injured by Arteria’s remarks during the Commission III DPR meeting with the Attorney General, last Monday (17/1).

Therefore, Aria stated that the PDIP DPP had instructed cadres in 13 structural parties from the executive to the legislature to strengthen the cultural and artistic narratives in each region, especially in West Java.

“All ranks of the 13 structural cadres of the legislative executive, how to prioritize cultural narratives, art narratives in their respective regions, especially in the area of ​​friends in West Java,” he said.

As Chair of the Art and Culture Division of the PDIP DPP, Aria said that her party would continue to preserve regional languages, including Sundanese.

He explained that when PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri served as President of the Republic of Indonesia in the early 2000s, she also played a role in introducing regional languages, including Sundanese, as subjects in schools.

“That was during Mrs. Mega’s era, how local languages ​​became languages ​​that had to be made a tradition,” said Aria.

For information, Arteria previously urged Attorney General ST Burhanuddin to remove the head of the high prosecutor’s office (Kajati) who used Sundanese in the meeting.

Although he did not mention the Kajati person and the moment of the meeting, Arteria’s statement as a member of Commission III of the DPR now has a long tail. The protests came not only from Sundanese community groups, but also from internal PDIP.

“There is a little criticism, Mr. JA (Prosecutor General), there is Kajati Pak, who in the meeting in the working meeting spoke in Sundanese, replace that sir,” said Arteria, Monday (17/1).

Later, after Arteria’s statement became a polemic–including from internal political parties–Arteria was summoned by the PDIP DPP and given a warning, Thursday (20/1). After the warning was imposed, Arteria also apologized for his statement during the DPR Commission III meeting with the attorney general.


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