«Payet is psychologically affected», reveals president of Marseille

Lyon-Marseille were stopped even before five minutes after Payet was hit by a bottle thrown from the bench.. After a long wait, the referee understood that the conditions were not met for the match to be resumed.

The president of Marseille revealed that the French international was “psychologically affected” by what happened.

“Dmitri Payet is psychologically affected, it’s not normal. Any kind of violence always condemned. Anyone who loves football cannot be happy tonight. The blow was violent and he is making ice on his head in the spa», said Pablo Longoria, quoted by L’Équipe.

«The question is simple: the referee had to decide [sobre interrupção ou não jogo]. In addition, it was necessary to know how the players were psychologically. It’s a dark night for football. We came here to play. Sportingly, the decision was to stop the game», he added.

The official also assumed that he will accept “any position taken by Ligue 1” and acknowledged that what has been happening in French football in recent weeks is not normal.

“I have to respect whatever the League’s decision is. We have to ask ourselves several questions and analyze what has been going on with this constant violence. We have to ask the real questions. The show must be on the turf. We could be talking about a great game between two teams, but we aren’t. It’s a time for reflection for everyone. Honestly, I have no solution for this. (…) We have to let the authorities do their work and reflect together with all the players on what we are going through. », he stressed.


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