Pause and Resume Voice Note Features Present on Whatsapp Desktop

Pause and Resume Voice Note features will be present on Whatsapp Desktop

Selular.ID – WhatsApp desktop brings the ability to make it easier for users to record voie notes (VN). According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp desktop beta version 2.2201.2 brings these new tweaks to all users.

Different from the beta version of the iOS app, the public test version of WhatsApp for Desktop allows anyone to register in it, meaning users can preview the feature before it is released in the stable version of the app.

Whatsapp plans to expand the expansion of the pause and resume voice note feature.
As noted, WhatsApp for Desktop already features the ability to listen to voice messages before sending them, and now the company is rolling out this feature that allows users to pause and resume voice recordings.

As the screenshot shown, there will be a pause and resume button when using the voice note or voice message feature.

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To pause a void note the user can press the pause button and also listen to the voice message before sending it.

Apart from that, users can also delete voice messages or continue recording. This feature will later be rolled out for Windows and MacOS desktop devices.

WhatsApp desktop is not like WhataApp mobile which often brings new features, even though WhatsApp desktop is already supported with security features for Web and desktop applications, namely by adding a layer of security when users want to sync WhatsApp accounts from mobile phones to computers.

In its official statement, it is explained that WhatsApp wants Web and desktop performance to be superior to the performance of the mobile version of the application. Thus, user communications are kept private and secure on any device of their choice to send messages.

This additional layer of security will minimize the possibility of a user’s friends or co-workers (if we’re ready to go to work again) to sync accounts to other devices without their knowledge.

WhatsApp emphasizes this feature to strengthen existing security features, namely displaying notifications when someone logs in on WhatsApp Web/desktop as well as settings to logout from all devices in the mobile application that can be used at any time.

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Face and fingerprint authentication performed on the user’s device is automatically protected by the privacy security system so WhatsApp will not be able to access biometric information stored on the user’s mobile operating system.

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