Patras red rage: Felix milkes the cow even after breaking up with Gelem

Journalism Felix Slováček (78) with the artist Lucie Gelemová (38) broke up several months ago. But they are still bound by a certain bond that Felix’s wife would Dad Patrasová (65) liked to break. “I’m glad it’s over, even though one thing bothers me is that the gold digger’s husband still pays for the apartment. I know he hasn’t slept together in a long time and it’s just a pity, but he could end this anyway. “ the singer of the daily confided angrily

Felix’s confession about Dada and alcohol. And the cold last words of Karl Gott

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He obviously wants her husband to give her up again, but somehow he can’t. Dada is counting on Christmas to solve everything. “I am in daily contact with Felix and I believe that Christmas will be common and peaceful. That’s enough. “ Patras said.

Anička Slováčková after cancer: I’m coughing up my lifestyle now!

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