Party drug ketamine users are at risk of a stoma – Radar

The Association of Urology is concerned about the increasing use of the party drug ketamine among young people. The use of the drug often leads to damage to the bladder. The possible consequence of this is the removal of the bladder and the placement of a stoma, Nieuwsuur reports.

Urologist Bart van Bezooijen sees more and more ketamine users at his office hours at the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort. ‘About ten users with bladder problems this year.’ As chairman of the Association for Urology, Van Bezooijen notices that this is happening all over the country. ‘Not only in the major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but colleagues across the country report more bladder patients as a result of ketamine use.’ According to the urologist, this often leads to serious complications.

‘Use almost doubled among young people’

The institute, which conducts research into drug use, Trimbos reports the following to the NOS. ‘This concerns a relatively small proportion of all adults, but use is higher in certain groups,’ says researcher Margriet van Laar. ‘For example, use among young people has almost doubled: from 12 percent in 2016 to 22 percent in 2020, approximately at the level of amphetamine and cocaine. And given the serious health risks of ketamine, we are closely monitoring the increase.’

The institute’s National Drugs Monitor shows that the number of ketamine users has almost doubled between 2018 and 2020, from 80,000 to 130,000 users respectively.

Bron: ANP, NOS


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