Parkinson’s “quiet” symptoms named


06 Nov 2020.

Doctors have named 10 symptoms that may indicate the approach of Parkinson’s disease. However, we can only talk about a disease if a person has several signs at the same time.

The first is tremor. The most common symptom of Parkinson’s is tremors in the limbs or chin. It is worth remembering that such a condition can be caused by stress, taking certain medications or physical exertion, reports the Parkinson edition.

The second is a decrease in handwriting. Such changes are called micrography. The third is loss of smell. Some people stop smelling bananas, pickles and licorice. However, loss of smell can also indicate a cold or coronavirus infection.

The fourth is sleep disorders. Doctors say that many people with Parkinson’s disease often flinch in their sleep. Fifth, difficulty walking. A “quiet” symptom of this disease can be stiffness or pain in the shoulder or hips. Sometimes patients feel as if their legs are “stuck to the floor.”

Also, experts included in this list changes in voice, often anxious facial expression, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, stoop and dizziness.

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