Parking at the airport: Düsseldorf is the most expensive

Travelers in Frankfurt Airport.
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If you park your car at the airport, you won’t believe your eyes given the parking fees. Travelers pay by far the most at Düsseldorf Airport.

As a current study by the Consumer Protection Association Berlin-Brandenburg (VSVBB) shows, parking a car for one week at Düsseldorf Airport costs up to 266 euros, which is sometimes well above the airfare.

The study compared the prices for one-week and one-hour parking at a total of 16 major airports in Germany.

Dresden and Leipzig cheap

The lowest prices for one-week parking up to a maximum of 750 meters from the terminal are offered by Dresden and Leipzig airports at 15 euros each. However, as at all other airports, there are different pricing models. In the most expensive category, one-week parking costs 72 euros in Dresden and 120 euros in Leipzig.

Parking in Frankfurt-Hahn is comparatively cheap, with prices ranging from 24 to 62 euros. One-week parking in Düsseldorf is by far the most expensive, because a minimum of 79 euros is due for one week, with a maximum of 266 euros. There are also particularly large price ranges in Frankfurt (35 to 234 euros), Cologne / Bonn (29 to 231 euros) and Munich (37 to 189 euros). If you want to park your car longer at the airport and save money in the process, the VSVBB advises you to reserve a parking space online in advance or to use a more distant parking space with a shuttle service.

9 euros an hour at Kiss & Fly

The prices for short-term parking, the so-called Kiss & Fly up to a maximum of 1 hour, were also examined. Here the average for all airports is 9 euros per hour. Cologne / Bonn has the highest tariff with 24 euros, followed by Düsseldorf (20 euros) and Frankfurt (15 euros). The cheapest short-term parking spaces for 1 hour can be found in Nuremberg (2 euros), Leipzig (3 euros) as well as Bremen, Dresden, Hanover and Karlsruhe with 4 euros each.

If you want to save money as a short-term parker, you should limit the parking time to as few minutes as possible. In many cases, including at the expensive Cologne / Bonn or Düsseldorf airports, the first 10 minutes are free of charge. Bremen Airport offers another savings option: if you pull a 4 euro parking ticket in front of Terminal 2, you will receive an equivalent voucher for the McDonalds fast food restaurant. (SP-X)


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