Palermo-Triestina, Baldini: “Many difficulties but we will reach the end and we will win”

A lot of suffering, a lot of public and a lot of enthusiasm. An evening in which emotions were not lacking at Barbera. The rosanero pass, 1-1 against a Triestina who for most of the match was in control of the game, taking the lead in the 77th minute.
Luperini thinks about it, in the 96th minute, to even the score and bring Palermo to the second round of the national playoffs. These are the statements of Mr. Baldini at the post-match press conference:

”We found a tough team that put us to the test. We played a game of great character. We had a great audience but also fate on our side. Thanks to Triestina, which put us in difficulty. Regarding the changes, I am not too far off balance, in this match I could not read situations in which I could improve the team. ”

On the concerns and the attitude of the team: ” I certainly know how to accept what the pitch says. And the field said that Triestina was tough and put us in trouble. But the luck component also counts. My beliefs are always the same: I have a great team and a great group. And fate, when this is the case, comes on our side. ”

The influence of the full stadium: ” The audience helped not to lose the match. It helped keep the game going. If it hadn’t been there, you would have quietly lost it. We the public need. It gave us a chance to get through the shift. We are a team that does not know how to manage. We weren’t able to set up well tonightand we went into trouble. ”

The aspects that convinced the most: ” I am convinced that we will reach the end and win. Today we could go home and instead fate was on our side. The 35,000 people present at the stadium cheered us on and this allowed us to equalize. The boys have known how to suffer and have been able to grit their teeth ”.

” If we manage to play Palermo even for an hour, we show everyone who we are. This is our team, we played for it. They were better at recovering some balls. Luperini did a great cover job, but they are not the latest arrivals. It was a team built to win the championship, let’s not forget that. They have excellent players. ”

On what happened betweenoffered and the ball boy ” We need to know the dynamics of things. I was told that their goalkeeper punched the ball boy, so the fans got nervous. Not out of nowhere, but for that cause. ”

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