Entertainment Paga (The Marseillais in the Caribbean) in cold with...

Paga (The Marseillais in the Caribbean) in cold with his ex Adixia after the release of his book? They meet in Marseille (VIDEO)


Since the release of Adixia’s confessions book a few days ago, we have been wondering what the current relationship was between the young woman and her ex Paga. It must be said that if the Marseillais candidate for the Caribbean did not hesitate to openly mock his ex after the announcement of this new project … Fortunately, it seems that despite their breakup and their little clashes, the two former lovers are still on good terms, to the point of spending time together outside of reality TV. Indeed, a few hours ago we could see Paga and Adixia together at Manon Marsault’s, in the middle of a furniture assembly session.

Apparently everything is fine!
Apparently everything is fine!

A reunion on good terms for the two ex, who therefore always seem as close and ready to help their mutual friends, even after the release of Adixia’s book, which prompted Paga to call her ex to make sure that no major files were going to be dumped on their story. For its part, we still wonder if Manon Marsault, who is behind this reunion, had no idea in mind inviting his two friends at the same time. Tiago’s mother did not hesitate to post them on Snapchat, by calling them openly “Pagadix”, reference to their stage name when they were in a relationship.



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