Package Delivery Service Users Shift From Industry So Directly to Buyers

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe delivery service company Indah Logistik Cargo admits that currently the share of shipping service users package has shifted from factories or industries to the homes of SMEs or home industry along with the increasing number of people shopping online.

Beautiful CEO logistics Cargo Arisal Aziz said that seeing this phenomenon, the company also did not want to miss taking this opportunity.

“We are also building an ecosystem in virtual world malls. If we want to survive in this package shipping company, we must control the flow of goods in and out. And that is in cyber malls,” said Arisal in a statement in Jakarta, Saturday, December 25, 2021.

The company which is just a decade old is known as a cargo company in bulk shipping. But now the company has dared to serve small packages, up to one kilogram according to the needs of consumers who are now ordering directly from producers online.

“Our consumers used to shop at malls or wholesaler, associated with home industry. Craftsmen in Tasik, for example, used to have to put their goods in Tanah Abang, shops or malls, before selling them. Now, not anymore. From Tasik, directly to buyers,” said Arisal.


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