Pabriks discusses sending ammunition neutralizers and helicopters to Ukraine

Latvia could send unexploded ordnance to Ukraine and provide helicopters to Ukrainians, Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks (AP) told reporters on Wednesday.

Pabriks will go to Brussels next week, where he will issue an invitation to send specialists to Ukraine who could help neutralize explosives in the liberated territories of Ukraine.

Pabriks believes that the decision to send specialists would be better if it were taken by several countries. If such a decision were made, Latvia would be one of the first to be ready to provide such assistance.

The LETA archives show that unexploded ordnance disposal by the National Armed Forces (NAF) has previously participated in international missions, and every year in Latvia, deminers neutralize the legacy of the First and Second World Wars.

Pabriks also reminded that Latvia continues to support Ukraine with military resources, including weapons. And one of the ways to help will be to send helicopters and their spare parts.

The LETA archive shows that the Latvian Air Force has several helicopters manufactured during the Soviet period, but in the coming years four new US helicopters “Black Hawk” will be delivered to the NAF. The Ministry of Defense told LETA that sending aircraft to Ukrainians would not result in the Air Force losing its capabilities, but the ministry did not mention the specific number of aircraft to be sent.

Pabriks also informed that the collection of donations and the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine has not stopped. The Ministry of Defense is currently preparing new fundraising initiatives in consultation with Ukraine to raise a total of more than seven million euros.

The company cannot transfer money to the Ministry of Defense, but the funds can be allocated through the organization “” and the movement “Entrepreneurs for Peace”.

If successful, such funds could be channeled to various modes of transport, such as SUVs and armed ambulances, body armor, binoculars, night vision equipment and other goods.

Receiving 300,000 euros in donations, the Ministry of Defense would like to direct them to the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Latvia, Pabriks explained.

It has already been reported that Latvia is among the European leaders in providing assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, providing military support to Ukraine worth more than 200 million euros, thus providing weapons and personal equipment, drones, dry food supplies, ammunition, anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles “Stinger”. .

In turn, the people of Latvia, both individually and through the organization “” and the movement “Entrepreneurs for Peace”, have provided support to the people of Ukraine in the amount of more than 10 million euros in financial and material terms since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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