Owner of Teletica threw the house out the window at her daughter’s wedding

(CRHoy.com) One of the owners of Channel 7, Paula Picado threw the house out the window with the wedding of one of her daughters, Paula Prada, who married the previous Sunday, in Escazú.

As always, social networks showed some details and this time was no exception. the bride’s sisters, Luciana and María Jesús let us see how the party was, which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Paula, 27 years old, she is Picado’s first daughter to marry. She gave the “Yes, I do!” to a handsome young man named Gary Guzowski.

“Chuza” -as they affectionately call María Jesús sang for the bride and groom and the pachangón was enlivened by the Panamanian artist, Joey Montana.

In the invitation -which can be found online- the couple requested a series of health protocols such as the use of a mask “at all times”.

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