World ÖVP vs. Krisper: What are you allowed to as...

ÖVP vs. Krisper: What are you allowed to as a Deputy (not)


The ÖVP is attacking your critically-minded Neos-Mandatarin Stephanie Krisper. But what is the legal allegations in it?

The ÖVP wants the Prosecutor’s office puts the steps against the Neos-group leader in Ibiza-U-Committee, Stephanie Krisper,. Neos-Chief Beate Meinl-Reisinger sees that the attempt of the Chancellor’s party, a critical Deputy to be discredited. But to what extent could the allegations of the ÖVP criminally relevant? You will be a Deputy at all because of their behavior in a U-Committee in front of the judge? And how the Green to see the attacks of the ÖVP to Krisper?


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