Entertainment Overweight .. Yasmine Abdel Aziz raises controversy about her...

Overweight .. Yasmine Abdel Aziz raises controversy about her pregnancy from Ahmed Al-Awadi


A major case of controversy was raised after the latest picture of The artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz And her husband Artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, Which has spread extensively in the past hours, on the Instagram app.

It appeared Yasmin Abdel AzizPictured is an extra weight, noticeably higher than her latest appearance in recent months, which has sparked controversy among her followers and fans about her pregnancy from Ahmed Al-Awadi.

This comes, after a number of fans and fans of the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz circulated a new photo of her through the Instagram photo application, in which she appeared with her husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, inside the garden of their house.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz appeared in the photo with summer clothes (t-shirt and bermuda pants), while Ahmed Al-Awadi appeared with her wearing a half-sleeve T-shirt and training pants.

Yasmine had commented on the fact that she published her daughter’s photo for the first time, and published the picture of the girl, who some believed was her daughter, commenting, “This is not my daughter.”

And the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz published a new video through her official account on the social networking site Instagram through the Asturi feature. A girl riding a bike appeared in the video, which some believed was her daughter.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz participated in the Ramadan 2020 race with the series “We Love Tani Les”, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and produced by “Synergy” Company, and directed by Mostafa Fekry.

He co-starred in the series “We Love Tani Les” with Yasmine Abdel Aziz Sherif Mounir, Karim Fahmy, Sawsan Badr, Tar Emad, and a large number of stars.


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