World Overtourism: Finite Fun TIME ONLINE

Overtourism: Finite Fun TIME ONLINE


Rome, on a Tuesday in October 2019. Rub at the Trevi Fountain
the tourists
together like commuters in the S-Bahn in the morning. Who the
Brunnen wants to get close, which according to the travel guide is one of the most romantic places in the world
World counts, has to clear innumerable selfie stick owners out of the way, then in
to land behind a barrier a few meters from the pool.
In front of St. Peter’s Basilica, a few kilometers further, there is a different picture
the same phenomenon: here the tourists are in a neat
Eucharistic queue, which is almost once around the huge forecourt
winds. The waiting time is several hours.

You feel like a fool. Why drive away?
You can also queue in the Citizens’ Office. You couldn’t do it 20 years ago
sit on the edge of this stupid fountain? Back then you couldn’t just do it
slap into the St. Peter’s Basilica?

Tourism at the end of 2019: the great longing and
Illusion machine no longer delivers what it promises. Is it broken? can
to fix them?

Ciao, polar bear

That you can get longer in a growing number of places
have to wait to take an idyllic selfie with a sight,
is just one of the strange developments that tourism has in store. And
not the most problematic; as a tourist you have an opt-out option –
if you are tired of the Schmarrn, you can stay at home.

It gets really dirty if tourism at the expense
other takes place
, And he does. There has been a discomfort when traveling
nestled, which also has to do with climate change, as is well known
also affects those who do not participate at all. Tourism is a 2018 study
according to not for the known five, but for eight percent of all
Responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. If currently in the media
“Tourists” falls are primarily air passengers or cruise travelers
meant that, lying in her SUV of the seas, in the polar regions
travel to personally to say goodbye to the polar bearswhose habitat
just help destroy them.

The discourse on tourism is also shaped beyond the CO2 emissions by the faults it causes.
Overtourism means one thing: There are simply too many people going to the same place
Places. Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Venice or Mallorca are now with it
busy keeping vacationers away. And also in cities like Amsterdam, London,
Rome, Paris or Berlin creaks the urban and social infrastructure. In
Berlin has almost doubled the number of tourist arrivals since 2006, from
seven to thirteen and a half million. Some Berliners, where they once were
only lived, now finds a fairground all year round, gets one
Neck, if he only hears a trolley case,

Souvenir shop instead of cobbler

There are stress thresholds that are growing in numbers
Places will be violated. Last year the Italian journalist Marco d’Eramo put her in
his book The world in a selfie Are defined. So you are
exceeded when tourists no longer benefit from the services that
are intended for the local population. But when the residents
Services that are intended for tourists. If the
grown pub of folkloric hip restaurants with moon prices
is ousted. When the last cobbler off and another souvenir shop
moves in. If there is always a place on holiday home portals
but the locals have to move out of the city center because it’s for
she no longer exists.

This year housekeeping was performed in Spain
Work because they have nothing to do with increasing the number of holidaymakers,
except more dirty work. Mass tourism, which deals with longings, is moving
in short, on the border with the anti-social. The Industry of the 21st
Century, which pretends that its product is pure beauty, is also
a displacement, pollution and exploitation industry.

How will it go on? How does the future of travel look?



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