Over two million migrant arrests at US southern border in 2021

More than two million arrests of migrants who entered the United States illegally at the border with Mexico took place during the year 2021, according to official statistics, a record level. At least in December, 178,840 arrests were counted, according to figures published Monday, January 24 by the American border guards, thus bringing the annual total to the highest. These figures cumulating the number of arrests at the border, some migrants may have been arrested twice or more during the year 2021.

The Republican Party immediately accused Democratic President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris of creating a “historic humanitarian crisis”. “Under their leadership, cartels and smugglers proliferate, border guards are overwhelmed and our communities are less secure”, added party official Ronna McDaniel in a statement. Migration flows, which fell sharply at the start of the pandemic, had started to increase again before Joe Biden took office a year ago, but clearly jumped afterwards.

The Democrat had initially tried to minimize them, speaking of a seasonal phenomenon. The record arrivals this summer, with around 200,000 arrests in July and August when desert crossings are the most dangerous, had proven him wrong. These arrivals pose a considerable human, logistical and financial challenge to the Democratic administration, in particular because it has undertaken not to turn back unaccompanied minors. His efforts to overhaul the migration system are bogged down in Congress and the subject is expected to be a major issue in the midterm elections in November.

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