Business Out EXCEPTION agree to not in agreement

Out EXCEPTION agree to not in agreement


Out EXCEPTION gives you do not yet have the green light to the agreement. Out saying that there are a lot of good things about it, but employees with a lot of money to lose if the agreement stays as it is. Employees should not be required for the loss to be compensated, said the vice-president, Gerrit van de Kamp, in the NOS Radio 1 Journaal.

As the EXCEPTION says, therefore, it does not say yes or no. “We want to be the first with the Second Chamber and, in conversation, in which the compensation is crucial to us.”

The EXCEPTION is one of the three trade unions that during the negotiations for the agreement were involved. Earlier this week, they voted in a union CNV) is already in the planning and today is certainly the biggest trade union, TRADE in ledenparlement over the last week, sealed the deal.

The political block

From the Camp, and said that it was the EXCEPTION, no matter what the UNION decided. “We can see that there is a very big social issue, where most of the employees affected by it.” In the agreement, and agreed that the aggrieved employee, through the collective bargaining agreement will be compensated for it, but that is the EXCEPTION and has had a crisis in front of the door of no confidence in them.

It is due to the EXCEPTION identified, the problem is particularly important for employees aged between 35 and 55 years of age, who have a portion of their pension would be lost. By 2018, charged with the Central Planning in particular, are in this category, there are tens of billions of euros to lose if the so-called flat-rate premium contribution shall be discontinued.

In the Camp, he tried out for the issue on the negotiating table to solve the problem. “It’s not us further, as we have been told that there will be a political blockage was.” The VCP was a very good solution for it. The solution was to let the anyone control. The Dutch State, can help you with that.”

The results of the vote shall be by the UNION at the beginning of the afternoon, as expected. After the council of ministers, a press conference of the secretary Bird and of Social Affairs and Employment. Most likely, the Central Planning bureau, after the impact of the agreement to groups of employees.

For ten years

It’s all about the details of the previous years agreement. There was almost a ten-year negotiations on this subject. Still, there are a lot of unknowns about how the entire pension money will be shared.

In the current system will continue to mean, as it stands now, is that a lot of the pension funds substantially over the coming years to reduce the pension benefits.

Prime Minister Bird said this morning that it is in a good agreement. According to him, proper arrangements are made with the new system, and on heavy work, all over the state pension age, and the way in which certain people are to be compensated for. As he expected, the employers and the trade unions finally agree to it. Great tit is recognized, however, that it is too complicated. “There are a number of different schemes and areas, so we’ll have to have a finger on the pulse to keep it.”


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