Organization of the Song Contest must intervene after attempting to manipulate votes in the semi-final in which Belgium participated


The broadcaster EBU, the organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest, released a striking press release during the evening: “Irregular voting patterns discovered in the results of six countries”.

In the analysis of jury votes by the pan-European voting partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) after the second dress rehearsal of the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, certain irregular voting patterns were identified in the results of six countries. the press release.

“In order to comply with the voting instructions of the contest, the EBU, together with its voting partner, has calculated a substitute aggregate result for each country concerned for both the second semi-final and the grand final, calculated on the basis of the results of other countries with similar votes. . This process has been recognized by the Independent Voice Monitor,” it continues.

“The EBU takes all suspected attempts to manipulate voting in the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously and reserves the right to remove such votes in accordance with the Official Voting Instructions, regardless of whether such votes are likely to affect the results and/or outcome.”

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