Oratmangoen, Walsh, Jordi Very Compact Lose in the Test Match

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Three of the four club descent players projected to defend Indonesian National team that is Ragnar Oratmangoen, Jordi Amat, and Sandy Walsh compact suffered defeats.

Oratmangoen club, Go Ahead Eagles, lost 1-2 in a friendly match against a German club, Borussia Dortmund II. In the match on Friday (7/1) afternoon in the Netherlands, the 23-year-old winger appeared as a starter and was not replaced.

Go Ahead are scheduled to have their first official match in 2022 against RKC Waalwijk on 16 January. Oratmangoen club has the potential to gain points, considering that the opponent is a club ranked 15th in the Dutch League.

On the same day the Walsh club, KV Mechelen also lost. Test match against Wehen Wiesbaden, Belgian third tier club, Mechelen lost 1-4. Walsh appeared from the first minute.

Walsh and Mechelen are scheduled to have their first official game of the season against Leuven on 15 January. Leuven is the 10th highest caste club in the 2021/2022 Belgian League.

Meanwhile, on Saturday (8/1) Amat’s club, KAS Eupen, also lost in the first test match in 2022. Eupen lost 1-2 to FC Kaiserslautern. In that match, Amat appeared from the first minute.

Eupen is scheduled to have his first official match in 2022 against Cercle Brugge on January 16. Currently Eupen is in sixth place in the Belgian League, while Cercle is in 11th position.

Unlike the three teams that were defended by these descendants, the Mees Hilgers club did not hold a trial before resuming the league. FC Twente are scheduled to play Heerenveen on January 16 at home, De Grolsch Veste Enschede.

Of the four descendants who will be naturalized, two of them, namely Walsh and Amat, have submitted documents that prove they have Indonesian blood. Meanwhile, Hilgers and Oratmangoen have just verbally expressed their willingness to strengthen the Indonesian national team.

These four players are projected to defend the Indonesian national team because they do not violate FIFA rules and because they were asked by Shin Tae Yong. The South Korean coach wants the Indonesian national team to be strong and have a solid football foundation.

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