“Or at first sight”. Anita told Agnieszka and Kamil’s secret? The fans have no doubts

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“Wedding at first sight”. These couples seemed to survive

From the beginning of the seventh edition “Wedding at first sight” viewers keep wondering whether the pairs joined by experts have survived. However, participants are bound by contracts that prohibit them from prematurely revealing the ending. Observant viewers look for clues and clues everywhere. Internet users are convinced that the marriage of Agnieszka i Kamila continues. The fans’ suspicions were additionally fueled by the comment Anity from the third edition of the show.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Anita accidentally released Agnieszka and Kamil?

Recently, a photo from a cafe appeared on Agnieszka’s Instagram. You can see two portions of the dough on it. The photo would not have aroused any suspicions if not for the comment Anity from the third edition “Wedding at first sight”.

Life is beautiful … And delicious! – Kamil’s wife wrote under the post.

And it’s always better for two! Kisses for you – commented a friend from the program.

Agnieszka and Kamil in 'The Wedding at First Sight'“Wedding at first sight”. End of delight with Agnieszka and Kamil. “Just me and me”

Words Anity caused a great stir among the fans. Internet users no longer have any doubts that the relationship between Agnieszka and Kamil has survived. Some even regret knowing the ending prematurely.

So we already know everything.

You spoil all the fun. Maybe not fun, but, unfortunately, there is no such unknown, since all your friends write that you are together …

I keep my fingers crossed for you! You make a great couple – fans wrote.

You think the comment Anity has actually betrayed too much?

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