OPPO Opens Opportunity to Sell Find N Foldable Screen Smartphone in Indonesia

Jakarta, Gizmologi – Finally, OPPO officially introduced its first folding screen smartphone, towards the end of 2021. So when can the flagship smartphone from China be sold to Indonesia?

“We could release the OPPO Find N to Indonesia in December 2022 or early January 2023,” said Patrick Owen as Oppo’s Chief Creative Officer some time ago when met in Jakarta.

It is not without reason that the release schedule in the country is far adrift in China. The first thing to consider is unit availability. Because according to him, OPPO is currently still unable to meet demand Find N of China.

Another factor is that the company is still optimizing the software in OPPO Find N. That way, the Indonesian people can be more satisfied when they decide to buy the folding phone.

“We need time to optimize applications with the operating system (OS) on OPPO Find N,” he explained.

OPPO Find N customizations available for sale in Indonesia

However, this bespectacled man is also confident that OPPO Find N will attract Indonesian consumers. The reason is, there are several advantages in this folding phone that its competitors do not have.

The first advantage is that the OPPO Find N is made more compact (compact) than its competitors. So that the application can appear full on the screen without any area remaining. In fact, the OPPO Find N also doesn’t have a crease line when opened with a full screen.

“The fold lines on the OPPO Find N are almost invisible, different from its competitors. The lines can indeed be seen if you look closely,” said Patrick.

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Finally, Patrick favors OPPO’s after sales service, which already has service centers in many areas in Indonesia. So that customers don’t have to bother if they find the cellphone is damaged.

“That’s also what makes us sure we can sell OPPO Find N in Indonesia. This country is a very promising market for us,” he concluded.

For its first sale, OPPO Find N is currently only available in its home country, and has been on sale since December 23. Price? Much cheaper than Samsung’s offering.

The cheapest variant with 8/256GB of memory is priced at RMB7,699 aka IDR17 million, while the 12/512GB variant is sold for RMB8,999 (Rp20 million). There is no information regarding its global availability. According to Gizmo friends, is it necessary to be present in Indonesia?

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