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We have a “need to ensure that we are focused on the right value proposition. And I insist, on the value as opposed to the price”. That meant Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment to the BBC in the aftermath of the event PlayStation or were revealed for the first time the futuristic lines of the PlayStation 5?

Jim Ryan, the boss of the branch Sony PlayStation (image: SIE)

First, there is obviously, Sony wants to give its customers value for their money, no businessman would be suicidal to the point to say otherwise. But behind the cliché lies a sort of admission of failure: the price of the PlayStation 5, the end of the year, may not be as attractive as the one that Sony has been able to establish – 399 dollars/euro, add fifty francs for the prize, switzerland – the launch of the PlayStation 4 in November 2013. The choice of technologies to be more disruptive (therefore more expensive) partly explain this.

Glass ceiling

What was the price Jim is preparing the fans? This is where the game of speculation begins: 399 dollars? The value on the price, so forget it. 599 dollars? More plausible but without doubt exaggerated. Sony keeps a bitter memory of the launch price of the PlayStation 3 in 2006 -2007, which had broken a glass ceiling – 599 euros already in Europe and prices exploded in biblical proportions in Switzerland: 899 francs! This had given the manufacturer well a hard time to catch up, and overtake on the length, an Xbox 360 less expensive, and easier to program.

The price for the PS5 that comes up the most often among forecasters is therefore to 499, or $ 100 more than the PS4.

Two model, that throws… the disorder

But the presentation surprise of two models PS5 – one equipped with a Blu-ray Utra high-definition, the other being guard – came to cast the disorder in the crystal ball. And one begins to speculate that the model only a consumer of content to the cloud could well be in line with the price of the PS4, while the version all-in-one could go tickle the bar of 500 dollars/euros of conscience. More casse-gueule (but not totally excluded) for Sony would be to move the two products to the top hundred in attempting to sweeten the pill by strengthening the discourse of the value on the price. Not sure that the consumers will bite the bait.

And Microsoft in all this?

The positioning of Microsoft for its Xbox Series X will have his / her doubt his / her role to play in the scenario. It is expected that Microsoft unveils the future existence of a model that is less top of the range of its future console to compensate for the same inability to position a machine – it is also equipped with technologies disruptive – below 400 dollars/euros. With the idea in mind to take Sony in the crossfire.

Following the next number, along with the little game of “who is going to reveal its price first,” it being understood that the first crack has all chances to be the loser of the comedy high-tech that is playing out before our eyes.

Created: 18.06.2020, 06h43


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