One killed and several others injured after a shooting incident at the university – VG

The perpetrator who is said to have been armed with a rifle is dead. A 23-year-old woman was killed.


Four people were injured. One of them, a 23-year-old woman, later died of her injuries.

This is confirmed by the police during a press conference, writes the news channel SWR.

Police say the perpetrator was 18 years old. He went into a lecture with 30 people with a rifle and shot around him.

He must then have run out and taken his own life.

The incident took place at Heidelberg University in the city of Heidelberg in Germany. The police reported the shooting just after 1 pm on Monday.

Was a student at the university

The perpetrator was a student at Heidelberg University, and lived in Mannheim.

Police say during the press conference that he had bought three weapons abroad shortly before the attack. He did not have permission for these.

It is unknown what could have been the motivation behind the attack.

WEAPONS: Police found a shotgun outside Heidelberg University.

– We are shocked

The news channel SWR have talked to students at the university. Many of them are in shock.

– We are without a doubt shocked. This is a disaster, says Peter Abelmann. He is the leader of a student organization.

The news of the shooting spread on campus like wildfire, he says.

No students from countries other than Germany should have been affected by the incident, the university reports websites.

Here the incident must have happened:

– A cruel day

The mayor of Heidelberg, Eckart Würzner, describes this as a cruel day. It writes The Telegraph.

– Today is a cruel day for all of us. The situation is still unclear, so I ask everyone to follow the instructions from the police and not spread speculation and rumors, says Würzner, according to the newspaper.

The shooting took place at a part of the university located in the Neuenheimer Feld district.

Heidelberg University is one of Germany’s oldest and most recognized universities.

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