One day without hunting per week? Here is why parliamentarians and associations

Eleven deaths and 141 victims. This is the assessment of hunting accidents during the 2019-2020 season, according to the French Biodiversity Office. Worse than the previous year, the report nevertheless insists on the steady decline in the number of incidents: 71% less in twenty years.

Established by Dominique Voynet, retoched by Roselyne Bachelot

Not enough to coax the supporters of a “national day without hunting”. This day, established on Wednesday in 2000 by Minister Dominique Voynet (Les Verts), Roselyne Bachelot (UMP) “Blew it up” three years later. Today, Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (Aspas) is campaigning again for a general ceasefire… on Sunday.

His petition displays nearly 250,000 signatures on the counter. “We are the last country in Europe without a day without hunting. England banned it on Sundays in 1831, justifies its spokesperson Marc Giraud. Hunters represent less than 2% of the population, yet they appropriate nature every day. Politicians listen only to them, but they are in the process of disappearing. “

Sociology ” changed “ supports Yves Verilhac, general manager of the LPO. “There are 984,000 permits today. Against 27.8 million hikers, 11.8 million cyclists. We are talking about a minority that occupies space all year round, to practice a dangerous sport ”. The NGO is also pleading in favor of a Sunday truce. “Especially since 44% of hunters are retired”, according to the survey entrusted by the LPO to Ifop and published in 2020.

“Seven times more accidents”

“There are seven times more hunting accidents on Sunday”, justified, in 2018, the deputies La France insoumise by proposing to dust off the law. Parliamentarians waved the results of another poll showing that “82% of people said they were in favor of a ban on Sunday but also on another day of the week.” Rejected in 2020, the deputy M’jid El Guerrab (Radical Movement) has not obtained more success. “We have to make society, calls the senator (EELV) of Ille-et-Vilaine, Daniel Salmon. The world is changing. We have to share the space. A day without hunting is a minimum, hunters need to understand that. Hunting, we can imagine. But practices no longer need to be. Raising pheasants, releasing them to kill them the next day, we do not see the point. “

Rurality will be discussed during the “virtual” gatherings organized this Saturday, June 12 by the National Federation of Hunters (FNC) and the FNSEA. Their respective leaders, Willy Schraen and Christiane Lambert, call to defend “Its values, its identity”. Not sure that the principle of a day without hunting there is consensus, if tempted that it is approached there … Against accidents? Willy Schraen highlights the new safety training launched in 2021. A refresher course for hunters every ten years.


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